Quick Start Guide


To successfully run your first payroll in CloudPay you should complete six tasks. These are easy to do and do not take long. They should be completed in the order shown below

We have made it so that you need to do the minimum amount of work to process your payroll and if you make any mistakes, they are easy to correct.

1 Set up your company

The only information you need to enter is your company name and employer number

You can do this in the Company screen. Click here to go to the Company screen.

Enter the company details and click the Update Company button to save.

Note that if you enter more than one company than a grid will appear which will allow you to select each individual company.

2 Enter your employee details

In this screen, the only details you need to enter for each employee is their surname. Please enter their PPS number too if you know it.

You can do this in the Employee screen. Click here to go to the Employee screen.

Enter the Employee details and click the Update Employee button to save.

Like the Company screen, if you enter more than one employee than a grid will appear which will allow you to select each individual employee.

3 Import the RPNs

First import your ROS digital certificate by dragging it to the Digital Cert Screen. Then enter your ROS password and click the Update button. You only have to do this once.

Next, Import your RPNs. This is the tax information (tax credits etc) for your employees. Click here to go to the RPN screen.

Click the Retrieve button. If you are happy with the RPNs, then click Import.

4 Process Payments

Pay your employees in the Payroll screen. Select the pay date from the calendar, select the employee from the list and click Pay. Mistakes can be fixed by clicking the Rewind button.

Click here to go to the Payroll screen.

Notice that any elements or deductions that you set up in the Employee screen are copied to each pay date in this screen.

You can change the payment amount using the elements grid and view the Payslip in the Payslip tab.

5 Produce the reports

Click here to go to the Reports screen.

Here you can produce payroll summaries and print pay slips. CloudPay reports allow you to select ranges and specify groupings.

6 Submit your payroll to Revenue

We have devised a traffic light system so you can see exactly what has been submitted for each pay period. Green means everything went okay, orange means the submission went through, but there were warnings and red means there was a problem. It is really easy to make corrections to submissions. Simply click the 'Submit' button, and the incorrect submission will automatically be deleted and replaced with the new one. You can see exactly what figures have been submitted to Revenue by looking at the Summary tab.

It really does make PAYE Modernisation a breeze.


Need Assistance?

If you run into any difficulties with any of the above, please let us know by submitting a support ticket and we'll be pleased to help you out.